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Racks Information

Server Colocation Half Rack Full Rack
Private Network


Gigabit Gigabit
Contract Monthly Six Month Yearly
24/7 Support 24 / 7 24 / 7 24 / 7
Setup Fee See Server Setups $300* $600*
Monthly 1U $50 / month per U $350 / month $600 / month
Generator Power Yes Yes Yes
Batteries Shared Dedicated 2U 1500VA Dedicated 2U 3000VA
Power Shared 15 AMP 120V
30 AMP 208V
Add +30AMP $250/mth
Switch Shared Unmanaged 24 Port Unmanaged 24 Port
Remote Hands $95/hr | 15 Minute Increments $95/hr | 15 Minute  Increments $95/hr | 15 Minute Increments
Server Setups $55 Flat Fee $55 Flat Fee $55 Flat Fee
Cross Connect Fee $50/Mth (NA if our BGP) $50/Mth (NA if our BGP) $50/Mth (NA if our BGP)
BGP Connectivity $50 per Mbps $50 per Mbps $50 per Mbps

We do not throttle monthly data traffic. You get the connectivity max. Our standard offer is Non burstable bandwidth (Flatfee / Unmetered). We do not 'oversell' bandwidth, we sell 'dedicated' bandwidth. Discounted prepay remote hands services available. Technical Administration is normal rate as per your agreement between yourself and OIS and/or OCS.

Available Guaranteed Priority Response Time Agreements | 1Hr $999/mth | 4Hr $499/mth

KVM over IP
8 Port KVM with Cables $100/mth 16 Port KVM with Cables $220/mth
32 Port KVM with Cables $349/mth
Optional Remote
Reboot Management
APC Remote Reboot
Private (8 ports) - $30/mth
APC Remote Reboot
Private (21 ports) - $60/mth

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dcsales @ optiquest.net


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