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StreamLine Series PowerLine Series BruteForce Series
Processor Count

1x Dual Core

2x Dual Core 2x Quad Core
Memory (RAM) 1GB 2GB 2 x 2GB
Default Drives 1x 250GB 1x 500GB 2 x 500GB
Monthly Traffic Full T1 Full T1 Full T1
Network Speed 100 Mb 100 Mb 100 Mb
24/7 Support 24 / 7 24 / 7 24 / 7
IP Addresses 4 4 4
Additional IP's As Needed As Needed As Needed
Raid 1 Avail
Raid 5 Avail NO NO
Raid5 Notes     With 3+ Drives
cPanel $45/mth $38/mth $35/mth
Webmin Free Free Free
Setup Fee $55 $55 $55
  $89 / month $259 / month $518 / month

Server Colocations | $49/mth per U | unmetered T1 uplink| Call for details

1/2 & Full Rack Rentals Available | Click for Details

Secure Private Redundant Power & Cooling

Thank you for your interest in our server facilities. On the next page you will be able to further configure your server choice.

Your server/rack will be located in a fully locked and secured rack within our facility.

Need an entire rack or half rack? We do those too. Go to our racks page to see the plans we have available. We give you tons of dedicated unmetered bandwidth for your racks.

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